Human Anatomy Encyclopedia

OS Support: Mac,PC,iPhone ,iPad,Android                        Date added: 17/09/2018


Human Anatomy Encyclopedia is an Application that helps Medical students
to learn the human body anatomy in the easiest way. All organs have detailed names and
all organ systems are well organized. Instead of trying to click on specific organ, unlike
of other applications, Human Anatomy Encyclopedia has buttons with the names of organs along an organ system. Just click on the button with desired name and the application will show you the body part in green color. You can also hide the organ or unhide it.

The application shows and interact on 3D Models for each organ systems unlike other anatomy applications that show only pictures.
You can move, scale and rotate the model and if you lose your original position you can click on "Refresh" button and it places the model in the original position.

The application has detailed audio pronunciations of each organ. You can mute and turn on the sound as you wish.

It has "Share" button where you can share this lovely application in 29 different ways like: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Droppbox, Google Drive, Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, Youtube and more.

Organ systems:
-Nervous (including Brain)

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